valuation & submission fees
Valuation: 1. appraisal of cost: the act of determining the value or price of something, especially property. 2. price: the price of something established by appraisal of its quality, condition, and desirability, or of the cost of replacement. 3. estimate of importance: an estimate of the importance or usefulness of something
General Information
The submission fee scale opposite is for residential property valuation and includes an administration charge of £399 to cover basic processing costs. Commercial valuation fees are quoted on an individual basis dependent on lender and type of valuation required.
Previous lenders will normally charge for providing references and we will advise you separately of any such charge.
Valuations are instructed immediately unless advised otherwise
Applications will not be processed without receipt of the correct submission fee as per property value scale opposite.
It is the responsibility of the Intermediary to collect the correct submission fees from their clients.
In the event of the application not proceeding an administration charge of £399 will be deducted from the fee.
Valuation fees are non-refundable if the valuation has taken place.
All fees payable to Chapel House MSP
Clear and concise, but flexible….valuations can be instructed by telephone or e-mail prior to application being submitted
Property value
(inc valuation)
Up to £50,000
Up to £100,000
Up to £150,000
Up to £200,000
Up to £300,000
Up to £400,000
Up to £500,000
Up to £600,000
Retypes &