decision in principle
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Principle: 1 a basic generalisation that is accepted as true and that can be used as a basis of reasoning or conduct
Decision: 1 The passing of judgement on an
issue under consideration.
2 The act of reaching a conclusion or making up ones mind
Underpinning our approach to mortgage logistics, is the on line decision in principle service.
All enquiries have a full CAIS search undertaken (we see what the lender can see on a credit file) before being passed to an experienced mortgage underwriter for review.
We will then provide a written acceptance in principle (by e-mail or fax, its your choice) outlining products available and all information required for mortgage offer.
In addition we will telephone you to discuss the decision. This process should be fully completed within a 90 minute cycle.
A fully compliant Key Facts Illustration service is also available generated from our lending partners systems and thus guaranteeing accuracy.
Try it…you will like it