an introduction
There is no doubt that life has become tougher since the credit crunch. Demands on the modern day Mortgage Broker are immense, time really does cost money.
Mortgage Logistics by Chapel House exists to provide an easier life for our customers, the 21st Century Mortgage Broker.
With Brokerage running costs rocketing it is essential that as many cases can be processed and completed in shorter periods of time to allow time for those compliance issues. In addition because profitability is such a crucial issue these days, it is vital that every mortgage lead can be placed successfully.
Despite what certain areas of the trade press would have you believe, an efficient and effective Packaging Company is still a vital tool in the Mortgage Brokers kit bag.
Chapel House has built its reputation over the past 21 years through service and quality and an extensive range of products in the niche mortgage market..
Like any craftsman we do not offer off the shelf solutions, we would rather present bespoke answers.
If you prefer good old fashioned personal service, and feel we have some of the products you need, please contact us.
Hugh Dennis
Senior Partner
21 years experience
Expert Help Desk
Working in Partnership
Fast and accurate decisions
Help in maximising your income
We think outside of the box
Share marketing ideas
Introducer only facility
Chapel House is one of few remaining support resources
No cross selling
We will do the chasing and paperwork
We focus on win win outcomes
Enjoy the business again
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